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Farmhouse Floral - 1st Mini!

Enrollment for the Mini-Quilt Series #1!

Joyous Home will present 3 mini-quilting series in 2018, each containing 3 mini-quilt courses designed to teach you to quilt. One mini-quilt per month will be covered in the below schedule, 9 total mini-quilts for the year.

WHY this course?  

  • Visual Learners Unite! Short core technique videos, plus more per individual mini-quilt.

  • Affordable Private Instructor - Nearly instant live support every step of the way!

  • Convenient - Quilt at Home - No Sewing Machine to drag around!

  • Forums for Fellowship - You'll be part of a group (NO FB groups!)

In the course, we will cover supplies, fabric, cutting, piecing, pressing/pinning, sewing, techniques for quilting, binding, slip-stitching (finishing), and hanging (if applicable), and every tip and trick I've learned over the years.

I also cover how to fix mistakes in piecing which is especially helpful if you've come across those unmatching seams! 

You'll receive instructions, diagrams, notes as needed and more.

We'll have a great forum on the Joyous Home website for support - no facebook group. You are guaranteed practically instant support during this course to help through every step. My students will have my phone to text or even call me! I'm committed to your success in learning how to quilt.

Before enrollment starts for Series Two, we'll have a fun test. If you pass the test, it's worth a little bonus towards the next enrollment!

Supply Video:

The supply list video gives a good idea of supplies. Each mini-quilt can be made with fat quarters. However, occasionally it's more realistic to use 1/4" full-length fabric for the backing. More info if you keep scrolling! OR:

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The Mini-Quilt Series 2018 schedule is as follows: 

HAS STARTED! Series #1 Course Starts Part 1: February 5th, Part 2: March 5th, and Part 3: April 2nd, 2018. 

Series #2 Enrollment Opens May 28th. Course starts Part 1:  June 1st, Part 2: July 2nd, Part 3: August 1st.

Series #3 Enrollment Opens September 26th. Course starts Part 1: October 1st, Part 2: November 2nd, Part 3: December 3rd.

Enrollment Price Series One: $69

Pre-enrollment for each series will give you access to the discussion area, diagrams, and the supply video.

Contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to having you join us!

READY to quilt?

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Theresa Powers
Theresa Powers
Owner - Joyous Home - Instructor

About the instructor

I'm Theresa Powers, Your instructor in our Joyous Home Courses. Joyous Home is the publisher of Seasons at Home Magazine and the Joyous Home Journals - wonderful homemaking magazines that provide instruction in many sewing, quilting, baking, and more. I'm a Martha Pullen Licensed Heirloom teacher which adds to creativity in my sewing room. 

I'm a mom to 10, grandmother to 3 and I love teaching sewing/quilting to all ages. I'm glad to have you join us!